About Us

It’s no secret there’s a lot of online marketing business’ out there, which is why the team at PEBS Group Pty Ltd have ensured we really are the most unique Australian owned & operated marketing choice when it comes to client support and development. Our drive & focus comes from many years of industry knowledge & experience, plus an honest passion in helping other business’ experience growth & an exclusive opportunity to see outstanding results from working with us. No matter the size of your business, our marketing specialists know how to guide you in the right direction, and guarantee business development.

With the changing world of technology every day, PEBS Group Pty Ltd understand how important it is to stay fresh which means we are constantly expanding our expertise & ability to help our clients in even more ways. The online industry has infinite opportunities, so the ideas and choice for our clients really is endless. From business cards, website design or SEO, our team will always deliver your project on time and always to your specified budget.

Your goals become our goals, and we want to achieve them with you. We make sure we get to know you to really get a feel for what it is you are striving for, then come up with a strategy and plan to make that happen. PEBS Group Pty Ltd have a vast range of brands connected to our name, with one of our largest client bases being the LGBTI community, with our distinctively different business directory Rainbow Flag Australia, plus a print magazine we are so proud to be the makers of.

Our customer service & personal approach is like no other, and we ensure our clients a return on investment from designing a strategy that will do this.

Our mission

Our experienced and knowledgeable team promise to:

  • Provide quality work
  • Keep in constant communication throughout your project
  • Cut your expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Continuously help to develop your business
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